Opening event: J’accuse & the Society of the Many

Wednesday – Opening: Taking the Migrant Perspective
Together with NSU survivors, witnesses and international guests we reflect on the long history of racist violence in Germany in order to contextualise the crimes of the NSU Complex. The chorus of their voices will mark the beginning of our celebration of the Society of the Many.
With: Hasan and Özcan Yıldırım, Mitat Özdemir,
Esther Béjarano and Microphone Mafi a, Mai-
Phuong Kollath, Gülistan Avcı, Chowra Makaremi,
activists of Golden Dawn Watch and Lawyers to the
co-prosecuting parties (tbc)
Special Guest: Bülent Kullukçu presents
“Songs of Gastarbeiter”

8 to 10pm, Depot 1, live-streaming in Depot 2

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Wednesday, May 17


Taking the Migrant Perspective
Depot 1 & 2