We have to talk hadi!

RomnoKher B7, No. 16 – *WE TALK I and II will take place simultaneously. Please see the notice board.

WE TALK I*: We can build together, one step at a time!

In many cities, a large network of black people and People of Color (BPoC) activists has been formed over the past few years, bringing together intersectional, solidarity-based perspectives. We would like to build on this in Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar region. We are here to establish structures. Our topics are: racial profiling, Copwatch, art and culture productions, and political education work.

WE TALK II*: The Round Table on Migration invites you to the Finale of the Mannheim NSU Tribunal

In the lament about the victims of racist violence, the mechanisms of racism and the necessity of strengthening migrant knowledge are formulated. In the indictment, responsibilities are named and structures are offensively fought against. The suit demands recognition of the (post-) migrant realities. The round table tries to question this strategy with regard to its potential for a left-wing transformation policy.

Event Timeslots (1)

Sunday, Nov 25


Place: RomnoKher, B7 No.16