Viel wurde über uns geredet, jetzt reden wir!

Migrants are not aliens from outer-space but humans beings. Isaiah Ehrauyi is a migrant who was formerly living in the Ellwangen Refugee Housings (LEA) and member of an activist group. As a witness he will speak togehter with his comrades about the events from 30 April to 5 May 2018 concerning the Police deportation attempt of an asylum seeker from Togo, the migrant resistance and the following police violence at Ellwangen. The media reported widely on this, thus following the police reports, politicians like Seehofer instrumentalised the incident. But all this was done regardless of the migrant perspective. Now the witnesses speak up, demanding for human living conditions, rights and the solidarity of the civil Society, describing experience on a daily basis.

Zeitfenster der Veranstaltung (1)

Samstag, 24.Nov


Ort: Kunsthalle, Auditorium